How to get to Luton Airport from London

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in England. Apart from being the capital of Great Britain, London offers some of the most exquisite places of tourist interests. Besides these places of tourist interest, the city is also considered as one of the most popular business places in the world. The businessmen from all over the world find this city a preferred destination for excelling their business. Traveling to London has been a favorite pass time for the people from all over the world. Depending upon the increasing number of tourists every year, the British government has taken some great initiatives to provide world class facilities to the visitors to London.

You can easily understand the importance of this city by the fact that it has six airports at different locations from the center of the city. Heathrow is the biggest international airport in London. If you look at the statistics, this airport has maximum number of flights to London. In terms of international visitors, London Luton Airport is next to Heathrow Airport. This airport is known internationally as the holiday charter airport. It has the flights of just a few domestic airliners. Due to special facilities for the tourists, thousands of tourists visit this airport every day.

If you are planning to pay a visit to this airport for the first time, then you must have some queries as how to get to Luton Airport from London. Just have a look at the following to know about the dependable ways of reaching this airport in London:


By Road:

You can reach London Luton Airport through M1 Motorway and M25 Motorway quite comfortably. This airport is located at a manageable distance from both these motorways. You can find vehicles to reach the airport. It is at a distance of 25 minutes from M25 Motorway and 5 minutes from M1 motorway.

By Rail/ Air Shuttle Bus:

London Luton Airport is well connected by railways and Air Shuttle buses. These services remain open throughout the day. Since these trains run in a gap of every 10 minutes, therefore missing one train does not matter seriously. Apart from these trains, you can also avail Thameslink and East Midland Trains. Both these services are extremely reliable for faster journeys. Tickets are a must, therefore provisions for penalty are also there. The children also need to pay the price for half tickets for traveling.

Buses and Coach:

London Luton Airport is nicely connected to all major cities in England. Finding a bus or a coach is never a difficult task for any visitor. You just need to follow the instructions available there to find the best coach or bus as per your conveniences.  The services of GreenLine, EasyBus, National Express, and Stage Coach are extremely popular among the domestic as well as international visitors. However, local bus services are also available in plenty.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also find reliable taxi and car rental services from everywhere to reach London Luton Airport. Most of the taxi operators in London are extremely professional by their services and they virtually make no compromise on the services.