How do I get to Gatwick airport from London

London stands on the verge of becoming the world’s most favorite tourist spot. The capital city of England is also accepted as the most developed business capital of the world that offers unmatched business opportunities to the serious businessmen. You may be a businessman, or you may have a strong taste for visiting places, you may find London a very good place for your own interests.

Gatwick Airport is one of the six airports that the city of London has. In all respects, Gatwick Airport is the second largest airport in London, only next to Heathrow International Airport. Quite naturally, this airport has regular flights of all the major airline operators. This is an extraordinary achievement of this airport, and that is why it gets a large traffic almost every day for all 365 days of a year. The airport is located at a very convenient location from where people can reach this airport quite easily. If you are planning to reach this airport for the first time, then your queries for ‘How do I get to Gatwick airport from London‘ can be answered in the following ways:

By Train:

Gatwick Airport is nicely connected to all major locations in London. Using a train is the most convenient way to reach this airport. Trains are available from all major parts of the city. These trains run at an interval of 15 minutes from different locations. Trains from Victoria take around 30 minutes to reach Gatwick. In the likewise manner, non-stop trains are also available from different railway stations and terminus. Trains are also available from Thameslink and Southern. As far as fares are concerned, they are extremely affordable. However, the children also need to pay half the price of the ticket for traveling.

By Driving:

Gatwick is only 45 kilometers from London. If you know to drive a car or a motorcycle, then you can hire these vehicles and reach the airport easily. You would be required to pay an extra amount of attention towards parking those vehicles. You need to park your bike in the designated area only. You cannot leave your vehicle in the car parking area. This may result in seizure of the vehicle for unauthorized parking.

Buses/ Coaches:

Both buses and coaches promise great facilities for the visiting tourists, both domestic and international visitors. Gatwick is nicely connected to all major parts of London. Both buses and coaches are available in plenty. These buses operate at a gap of every 10-15 minutes in the peak hours. The coaches are also reliable among the visitors. These vehicles are very nice for group travels. Among popular coach operators, you would like the services of EasyBus and National Express Service.

Taxi/ Car rental services:

Apart from buses and trains, visitors to Gatwick Airport love to avail the services of taxis and car rental services for reaching different destinations, including Gatwick International Airport. You can hire you taxi or rent a car from reliable vendors that are available in all parts of London City. You can get the booking of these taxis and rented cars online even before you start your journey to Gatwick from London.

Most amazingly, people often find bicycles a very popular means of reaching Gatwick from London. They need to ride through the National Cycle Route 21 to reach Gatwick from London. Here, you would be required to remember that you cannot leave your bicycle anywhere. You must park your bicycle in the provided place only, otherwise you may get penalized for this offense.